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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 22, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at -- breaking news. >> we begin with a busy night. this for story is from southeast washington were least one woman is dead after she was struck and killed while waiting for the bus.
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john gonzalez is live tonight where police are investigating what led up to the crash. >> even though there is still a lot of snow and ice on the roads tonight, police have confirmed that this was not weather-related. you can see at about 50 feet behind us, there is a toppled pol stop sign. that is where we are told this occurred just before 8:00 tonight. a woman stood on the bus stop on southern avenue in southeast when the silver cadillac lost control and struck the woman believed to be in her mid 20's. the crash and it is on the scene investigating, trying to figure out what went wrong. we know the woman was standing on the sidewalk. she was not on the street, when his car left the road. it is sitting in someone's cozy snow-covered yard. the driver and the passenger did
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not suffer injuries. they are being questioned but -- questioned by detectives. no charges as of yet. the woman died here on the scene. in the 4000 block of southern avenue. it is off-limits to not only traffic but to pedestrians. earlier, metro buses were lining up on southern avenue. they have bent rerouted. -- they have been rerouted. we are also following breaking news is -- is coming out of bwi, where a plane had to return after striking a bird. it happened just before 9:30 on air tran flight 599 en route to indianapolis. after striking a bird, it landed safely. no one was hurt. we are following a
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developing story from brazil where a five-year custody battle ends. the chief justice ruled in favor of david goldman allowing him to bring home his 9-year-old son to the united states. it is the best christmas gift ever. the brazilian supreme court ruled he can re-claim custody of his son shawn. >> i wish this would have stopped manyears ago. a lot of people would have had much better lives for the last several years, including my son. >> he launched his case in the u.s. and brazilian courts after she was brought to rio de janeiro by his mother in 2004. they divorced in she remarried and died last year. since then, he has lived with his brazilian step father's family. goldman says they can maintain their relationship. >> i will not do to them what they have done to us. >> in washington, many are looking forward to learning about the father and son and
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their union. >> he should get his son back. >> that is his biological child he wants to be with him -- it is difficult to separate a child from their parents. >> while there is no word on when they will return, it is expected they will spend their first christmas together in years in new jersey. >> the attorney representing the brazilian family has said they were willing to negotiate a settlement of goldman said he was never interested in shared custody. were also on storm watch where drivers should be concerned about rephrasing on the roads and wintry mix in time for christmas and -- and refreezing on the roads. we are looking at a cold night ahead. we are noticing the clouds beginning to erode and that will allow our temperatures to drop overnight. north and west of the suburbs,
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we will see temperatures in the upper teens. noontime temperature will be freezing, so anything that melted today will freeze once again. a little bit of falling tomorrow but a bigger thoughts and a lot of rain -- a bigger thaaw and rain as we head into christmas eve or christmas day. this weekend snowstorm at led to numerous school districts closing again tomorrow. in virginia -- in maryland -- a number of other districts were already closed for the holidays as well tonight regional transportation agencs a wrapping up their snow removal
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efforts. most of today's efforts targeted sidestreets. crews in the districts have bad news for city residents. they do not shovel l.a.'s because it is labor intensive. -- they do not shovel alleys. >> the virginia department of transportation it says it has turned its attention for preparing for the wintry mix on thursday night. main roads in maryland and virginia are in good shape, but the area is still having problems including apartment complexes and small develop tments. this weekend's storm has proved costly. maryland state highway departments and has spent $20 million on the blizzard. it is put the highway administration over budget on snow removal costs for the year.
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you have a big problem if you all of blackberry. >> it was inappropriate for the chief to pass judgment. >> the police union targets the chief over a snowball fight, catching national headlines. why they are angry. >> you can gain back the holiday shopping time you lost. that story next. it's so hard to choose one. you know, during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, tiguan or fuel efficient jetta for practically just your signature. you can get scheduled maintenance at no cost. there's got to be more to it than that...
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i'll never doubt you again. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. with leon harris, caroline lyders and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute packed parking lots are familiar sight -- from a year sites around the region. some say is that midnight
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madness at area malls tonight. this weekend posey major storm and the weekend before christmas led to numerous stores stay open late. live from pentagon city mall, jay korff. >> more than a dozen stores are right now -- we are not that far, a little after 11:00 -- more than a dozen stores here at the mall will be open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. a lot of us need extra time thanks to mother nature. >> it is a retailer's utopia. >> call it what you want, this is what happens when you hit the pause button on holiday shopping. saturday's snowstorm followed by a sunday of cleanup forced many consumers to stay home of the weekend prior to christmas. >> it kicked me two days to shovel out my driveway. >> shoppers are working out
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their wallets at the retail outlets around the region. >> saturday hurt us a little bit, but we are making a rebound. >> the fashion center at pentagon city is busier than ever. >> we are suffering from cabin fever. i could not get it done this weekend. >> mother nature's delay tactic has those searching for the perfect gift on quite the time crunch which has inspired the small to stay open until midnight for the next two nights. >> people are taken the opportunity to shop late and takes advantage of the last- minute salesperson >> if we could only stretch time all the time. the international council of shopping centers is reporting their retail sales were disappointing this past weekend. retailers hope to make up the difference in the coming days. live in arlington, jay korff. >>. toys r us stores are trying to make up the difference.
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there remained open for last- minute shoppers. they jammed into the store at baileys crossroads. they picked up by its, barbie's and other hot items this year. -- and bikes. they will be open to 1:00 a.m. tonight and tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. on a blackberry, the technical problem you might be facing. we are buried under snow, but how much different storm is causing problems out west. >> for me not to comment would make me look like i was trying to cover something up. >> the police union addresses to cover something up. >> the police union addresses the ♪
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we are following a developing story surrounding a device many of us cannot live without. abc 7 news learned about a major outage involving black berries. the problem started several hours ago. the maker of blackberry says they have not pinpointed the problem, but they have the
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technical teams working on the issue. cell phone service is not affected by the outage. new developments surrounding a d.c. police detective who wielded a gun at dozens of people during a snowball fight on saturday. abc 7 was first on the scene when michael baylor emerged from hallmark and was struck by a snowball. the police are now criticizing the chief calling detective's actions inappropriat >> what she is doing as she is bending to public pressure. if she will bend to public pressure, i do not think she is in a position where she can effectively do her job. >> i will not will refrain from commenting in this case because it has heard the other members of the department who work so hard every day to do their jobs and do them well. >> baylor remains on desk duty pending an internal investigation. former new york city mayor
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rudy guliani says he is not rejoining the world of politics. >> after careful consideration, i decided that i would not be able to run for either the governorship or the senate next year. >> he says he is keeping the campaign trail to concentrate on law and consulting businesses. tonight, we know exactly when the senate will hold its final vote on the health care reform bill. they say the vote will take place thursday morning around 8:00 a.m. president obama says he is staying in washington until they do. >> the least i can do is to be around and provide encouragement and last-minute help were necessary. >> the president is delaying the family trip to hawaii to make sure that vote clears. the bill cleared its second test vote today. it is one more hurdle before the
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final vote. a dust storm being blamed for a deadly accident in the arizona desert. officials say six brown clouds caused a 30-car pileup on a phoenix high with this morning. a tanker truck and several other cars burst into flame. fo people died and 20 others were badly burned. quite a mess. 30 cars. finally, our snow is starting to melt a little bit today. all of the snow that melted today is now starting to refreeze. be careful of sidewalks and roadways tomorrow morning. a lot of schools are cancelled tomorrow. exciting for the kids. temperatures will bottom in the mid to upper teens. we will see mid 20's within the beltway. weatherbug network.
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western maryland at this time -- 22 degrees, feels like 18 degrees. it is 34 and leesburg after daytime high of 36. nationals park is reporting 35 degrees. high temperature at reagan national is 42 degrees. average for this time of year is 45. wouldn't it have been nice if we could have set the record? temperatures cool, 34 in leesburg. gaithersburg, 28 degrees. really cold air of to the north east. 19 in syracuse. new york city looking at 26. cold front is located out to the west -- a warm front will help our temperatures warm up as we head for the end of the week. it is quiet across the mid- atlantic from the york city to washington, d.c., to boston. if your travel plans take you to
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minneapolis, salt lake city or denver, you could be looking at travel delays. in area of low pressure beginning to intensify. it will move to the north of us. we're looking for snow for the mid-atlantic but we could see freezing rain as early as christmas eve and christmas day. then we will begin to clear as we enter the end of the upcoming weekend. snow showers across ohio and michigan it will not add up to a lot, but we are watching the high pressure area that will move north andast of to the west -- out to the west, they could gain strength and give us some icy conditions out to the west of us. the shenandoah valley could be looking at significant ice on thursday night into early friday morning. heavy rains could produce localized flooding is a melting snow -- with melting snow.
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here is our forecast. temperatures falling into the mid 20's. lots of sunshine tomorrow morning. the high temperature around 35 degrees. our temperatures were warm on thsday. we will be in the lower 40's on christmas day. the weekend, 45 degrees on saturday and sunday. be careful on thursday night into friday morning, but otherwise, if your travel plans taking to the midwest, it does not look pretty. >> so many people have been dealing with travel delays. thank you so much. coming up, what gift will president obama be on wrapping this christmas? the rst lady drops a hint. this christmas? the rst lady drops a hint. if it's not... there are 39 international awards we'd better give back.
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the 2010 jaguar xf. the critically acclaimed result of a very different way of thinking.
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what is president obama on getting for christmas? we do know it has to do with sports. first lady michelle obama and their daughters skate that he
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and away during a trip to the children's national medical center today. they visited with the sick patients. they see the first lady reading the classic book "twas the night before christmas." this is a photograph of president and mrs. obama and posing in front of the christmas tree and the blue room, one of 26 christmas trees and the white house. they will host 17 parties and 11 open houses for the season. the only other man busy during the holiday season is you. >> that is a great picture. the redskins blasted a nationally about last may's game. the terrapins kick into gear. the wizards starters bound up -- bounce off the bench. (announcer) we call it the american renewal.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the wizards or at home tonight against the 76ers'. they blew an 11-point lead. when the starters came back in, the wizards work rolling. gilbert arenas scored 31 poi nts.
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a sweet jump here. how about this? nice bounce pass. and then how about little 5 ft. 5 earl? the little guy uses quickness. the wizards beat the 76ers' -- 105-98. maryland is hosting winston- salem state. they shake off the rust from a long break for exams. wide open. maryland is set up their offense with good solid defense. that made gary woods happy. vasquez had a great game with this steel and ended with a double-double. they wanna 98-55. vmi at george mason. luke hancock gave the patriots the lead for good.
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the beat virginia military 989- 86. george washington beat east carolina. navy fell to c and hauled by 38. -- to seton hall by 38. the redskins are still feeling the aftermath of last night. public opinion has been harsh. this ridiculous play as -- at the end -- the giants called timeout. the redskins did try again. the giants blew it up anpicked it off. now they are blowing up jim zorn all over the country. >> it was a good enough play that they had to call timeout. it was a good enough situation. had they not had a timeout, we would have fared better. they defended it well. looking back, i would have
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kied the field goal, but it did not happen. the nationals made it official today with the signing of free agent jason markee. he pitched for the rockies' last year. he will be a stabilizer in the spring. a good gatt.
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we could be looking at icy conditions in the morning? all of the melting we had today. the snow started to dwindle away. 34 degrees for tomorrow. by thursday, we will watch the approaching storm out to the west. it will impact travels especially to minneapolis and the upper midwest. it could be 20 inches of snow starting tomorrow night into thursday. maybe some freezing rain early in the day on friday but all
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